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Clematis is the supporting partner for SAP Inside Track, Kochi....

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At Clematis, we speak the one language that matters - business.

We are an organization working on technology solutions, first and foremost. We take this responsibility very seriously. We press into service our extensive expertise to provide top-notch solutions to your business problemsutilizing a time and cost effective approach.

We provide end-to-end solutions that facilitate, deliver, secure and address your problems in a targeted fashion.

Smart Client

Clematis SmartClient

  • Our screens are 100% user friendly. They are not complex. So, no coding skills or additional user training required
  • Advanced Intuitive Identity Correlation Engine
  • 360 degree view of who is doing what in the SAP production activities
  • Predictive customer insight
  • Quick Deployment, Fast Results

SmartClient is an SAP-based solution by Clematis that can be used to automate the SAP client opening and closing activities. It keeps track of all the details involved in it. It comes with great features, such as high traceability, reduced paperwork and manual data collection, micro level reports and closed backdoor.
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ARC ( Audit Readiness Cockpit )

       Reduces SAP license spend
       Immediate visibility with turnkey management
       Detects and re-mediates access privileges
       Quick Deployment, Fast Results

Audit Readiness Cockpit is an automated data gathering tool for SAPaudits. It comes with features such as micro level traceability, detailed reports and high level of accuracy. It reduces paperwork and manual data gathering, all the time ready for any SAP Audit. It is great for optimizingthe time and effort spent in compiling day-to-day activities for your audit.
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Terminal Lock

Clematis SmartClient

  • Intuitive Identity helps in tracking and recognizing the first log-in
  • Protection of user credentials
  • Elimination of fraudulent activities/transactions

Terminal lock is a Clematis solution for SAP ERP that restricts access into the SAP ERP System to a specific workstation/computer/laptop, thereby ensuring optimum security and eliminatingfraud and other external security threats.
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Clematis SmartClient

  • It has the risk database for Public Sector, Energy, Water, and other utility industries.
  • It performs risk analysis at the critical transaction and object level.
  • It can identify risks arising out of enabler roles.

Analyz provides the ideal solution that identifies the combinations of actions and permissions that result in risky behaviors. Also, time is of the essence in minimizing the interval needed to comply with the regulatory requirements and reduce segregation of duty violations and critical access risks.
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