Who We Are ?

  Who We Are? 
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The society we grow up in plays a major role in shaping us as good samaritans, workers and human beings. Therefore, at Clematis, we feel it is our responsibility to give back to the society and help reshape it in the best manner possible.


We believe that there are causes out there that are worth contributing to. Our CSR team works tirelessly to identify the best ways to support these causes in a sustainable manner. For us, social responsibility goes beyond charity. Therefore, we strive to add value to the initiatives we undertake by nurturing as well as sustaining them.


Child education, health for all and environmental preservation are a few of the causes that are close to our hearts. We work hand-in-glove with Snehamitra Welfare Society, an organization that works for the education of the deaf and dumb, in the amelioration of their situation, to build a hospital that provides general and eye care for the poor, a homeless shelter and school for orphans.

We strongly believe in equality in education for every child without discrimination. To address this concern, we support The Society for Education of the Deaf & Blind that was established for the purpose of providing inclusive educational services for special children.

We also work closely to support Sahaaya, an initiative that provides free basic diagnosis and ambulatory care to people who can not afford those services.

We have also supported several Go Green initiatives to protect the environment and we hope to do much more in the future.  

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