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Workflow for Client Opening

SmartClient is an Innvoative & Process driven Solution designed by Clematis with some very unique features that make it a one-of-a-kind product on the market.

Current challenges to SAP client operations are:

Missing approvals and designated documents to open a client

Lack of skills

Ad hoc reports

Human errors and delays in the opening and closing of SAP clients

No track of usage trends

What is Clematis SmartClient

SmartClient is an SAP-based solution by Clematis that can be used to automate the SAP client opening and closing activities. It keeps track of all the details involved in it. It comes with great features, such as high traceability, reduced paperwork and manual data collection, micro level reports and closed backdoor.

What SmartClient does

Clematis SmartClient is equipped with Advanced Intuitive Identity Correlation Engine and delivers a 360-degree clarity on who is doing what in the SAP ERP. It keeps around-the-clock record of the SAP production activities.

It provides detailed reports on the usage of the transaction code that enables the management to monitorexcessive customization or configurations carried out.

SmartClient is a simple add-on that seamlessly integrates with your SAP ERP system and can manage all the production systems centrally or installed as a single unit.

As with all our SAP Audit & Compliance Solutions, Clematis SmartClient is easy to implement and allows organizations to be more audit-centric within a short time. Our subject matter experts will share a pre-implementation questionnaire to ensure quick and easy deployment in your SAP environment.


  • Lightning fast ROI
  • User friendly screens
  • Predictive customer insight
  • Quick deployment, fast results
  • Advanced Intuitive Identity Correlation Engine
  • Management dashboards


  • Tracks & manages monitor and audit key risk areas more effectively
  • Automatic generation of SAP activity reports
  • Provides micro level reports
  • 360-degree clarity and a detailed record of the SAP production activities

A major Public Sector (Utility) company in South Africa had saved time & money with the implementation of our solutions. Read our success story..
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  • Smartclient - Very Innovative and amazingly simply in concept. "
  • " I would recommend Clematis for anyone looking for their Development requirements or Workflow Automation in SAP. We had a fairly complex Workflow problem to address; Clematis provided just right the set of solutions and addressed our pain points "
  • " Our experience with Clematis has been fantastic. They have adapted flexibly to our needs. When we needed to enhance their SmartClient solution to align with our processes, they quickly delivered the required functionalities. We have been working with Clematis for almost six months now and our relationship with them has been great. "
  • " Our firm needed a fast, high quality solution that can help to automate the SAP client management process. We find that the Clematis Smartclient is the right apt. We are pleased with the team and their work and will continue to use them as an important part of our future development requirements too. "
  • Clematis is wonderful to work with; reliable, responsible and understands the actual needs. Their solutions are just awesome. "