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    What We do?   
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Clematis is the supporting partner for SAP Inside Track, Kochi....

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Research and Development

Clematis conducted extensive research in specific areas of competency and excellence, when they set up the Centers of Excellence (CoEs). They aim to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions.

The core team involved in the running of the CoEs recognizes the need for competency in developing technology framework. It enhances processes and methods, and enlarges knowledge archives to help us successfully meet our clients' requirements down to the last detail.

Our Centers of Excellence support our company's deep rooted ethical and professional beliefs. They are synced to our business values to enhance the quality of our work. This is accomplished by offering technical and other skill courses to our associates for their continued personal and professional growth.

Clematis's range of enterprise solutions helps organizations to fulfill their world-class performance ambitions. We enable our clients to fully understand their current business scenario and then to optimize their available solutions for growth.

We have certain areas of capability and excellence in which we take immense pride.

  • SAP GRC & Security
  • SAP for Utilities
  • SAP for Oil & Gas

Clematis provides you with top grade solutions that will enable your business to manage tailor-made reports for the organization based on their requirements, design layouts and screens. This results in considerable reduction in the processing time of reports. Using alphanumeric serial numbers for materials, plant wise tax calculation can exempt some specific plant form calculating Basic Excise Duty and Education Cess.

We provide custom solutions which best suit your requirements and also ensure its compliance.

We help public and private sectors organizations plan and manage their ERP application tasks, so that they can realize increased benefits with minimal setbacks.

We adopt an integrated solutions accession and robust technology practices using experienced task teams foroffshore delivery solutions. Our consultants can formulate an overall ERP strategy to suit your specific needs and build a detailed road map for its practical application. Our experience in implementing the strategy allows us to customize the processes available within the ERP applicationto suit your individual requirements.

Clematis provides hands-on expertise at every stage of an ERP project, includingbasic planning, software screening, ongoing implementations, upgrades, etc.

Every company needs a strong application security environment as part of a successful overall risk management strategy. Anumber of companies therefore useGovernance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software from SAP to help them re-frame and manage their complex security environments.

SAP Business Objects Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) offers a wide range of solutions to corporations to address a variety ofconcerns including corporate governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance.

Clematis will help you,

Manage complex SAP GRC implementations.
Review SAP security redesign or remediation.
Implement GRC Access Controls modules.
Provide advice on controls in SAP with regards to legislative and regulatory compliance.
Implement SAP SecurityWork in order to configure the modules.
Conduct business process control reviews involving SAP systems.
Offer you a wide range of Information Risk Management services as and when required.

Utilities always have and will continue to face challenges relating to regulation, de-regulation, client management and contention.Many organizations are already adopting SAP to automate and handle their business processes; we provide them support by managing and enhancing their systems.

We distinguish ourselves on the basis of our extensive industry experience in customer care services, asset handling and regulatory shifts. Our SAP for Utilitieshas the unique capability to support your project throughout its lifecycle.

We offer SAP Services for:

Integrating SAP CRM with SAP ISU.
Integrating third party front office tools with SAP ISU CCS module.
Integrating SAP business intelligence tools such as Business Objects, BI/BW & HANA.
Integrating third party BI/reporting tools with SAP ISU CCS module.

We have specialized expertise in SAP for Utilities for the delivery of:

Master data and basic functions
Customer services
Work management
Device management
Billing and invoicing
Energy data management
Contract accounts
Customer relationship management

In a continually shifting and ambitious market place, preparing for the next level of your business is vital. To succeed, you need to encourage innovation and implement its execution throughout your organization. You will also need completevisibility and all-inclusive analytics enabling efficient performance management.

Our expertise in tapping SAP for Oil and Gas Enterprisewill help you to:

Adapt already established procedures to new processes by streamlining them.
Integrate your business’ expedition, manufacturing, and distribution to achieve peripheral visibility and conform to industry requirements.
Check and alleviate risks better with a proactive approach to problem solving.
Collaborate in a more organized manner with suppliers and partners to stay compliant and competitive.
Enhance your investment planning and execution of pivotal commercial projects.
Increase promptness and speed of decision-making with real-time, in-memory analytics, and solutions.
Gain competitive edge by translating data into intelligence for upgraded resource productivity..