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Clematis Technology Solutions at the 4th Annual Asian GRC Summit

Mumbai | 7th April
4th Annual Asian GRC Summit

The 4th Annual Asian GRC Summit was held on April 7th, 2015 at Taj Mahal palace, Colaba, Mumbai, the financial capital and one of the busiest business cities in India. The C-Suite officers, managers and board of directors from the top giant IT companies have enrolled and participated in the event. Clematis Technology Solutions has made its mark at the summit by being the platinum sponsorer. Executives from Major MNC game players like CtrlS, Amazon, Deloitte, TCS, etc., were at the conference.

Raghu Boddu, Director - SAP services and innovation, who carry wide and up-to-date expertise in the domain, represented Clematis Technology Solutions at the summit.

With the ever growing global corporate community and increasing automation needs across different verticals and horizontals of the companies, GRC challenges also continue their way out. Addressing the risks and regulatory compliances, the global corporate leaders have discussed their way of approach in devising solutions for the serious sensitive GRC. The summit helped everyone to think and understand the importance of efficient IT security and the necessity of GRC solutions that actually works and overcome present day challenges.

Raghu Boddu who has vast experience in SAP GRC access control, Governance & Compliance, SAP forensics and Application security solutions, had spoken at the event. In the thirty minute session, Raghu panned many aspects of the new security regulations and the ways to balance the risks and opportunities in business processes. He says “Risks are often unavoidable; however when the daily processes are managed with governance, risk & compliance (GRC) components, businesses can strategically balance risk and opportunity.

As global oversight authorities and mandates continue to impose new regulations, GRC can help streamline businesses processes for:

  • Enhanced management of risk and compliance.
  • Better protect value - proactively avoid risk events; reduce the cost of violations.
  • Better perform - active link risk and performance management and objectives.

The 4th Annual Asian GRC Summit was invariably been a source for the very latest findings in the fields of GRC/CSR/BFC. Question and answer sessions on analysis, research databases, comprehensive global coverage and interactive IT tools to support companies in an ever-more-stressed regulatory environment, were the most discussed topics

Snaps from the conference hall:
4th Annual Asian GRC Summit

Our Director Mr. Raghu Boddu, speaking on Automating Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) for efficient IT processes at the 4th Annual Asian GRC summit

4th Annual Asian GRC Summit

Our Director, Mr. Raghu Boddu along with few other fellow speakers at the conference.

4th Annual Asian GRC Summit

Mr. Raghu Boddu addressing the attendees queries at the 4th Annual Asian GRC Summit.

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