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Clematis - One Of 50 Best Startups To Work For 2015

4th June
4th Annual Asian GRC Summit

The prestigious publication Siliconindia has just included Clematis in their archive of the 50 Best Startups to Work For, after a thorough scrutiny by a panel of top CIOs, CEOs, HR Managers, and industry analysts. This panel meticulously analyzed a number of factors including work-life balance, pay scale and benefits, training, development opportunities, ambiance, and business practices and compared them with the industry best practices to compile their authoritative list.

In bestowing the honor on us, siliconindia cited our commitment to the shared values and abilities of a diverse workforce that is trained to have mutual trust and respect. The workforce is a family whose welfare is of the utmost importance to the management. It’s no accident that Clematis has within a short period of time become one of the highly regarded, top-tier software solution providers within the country as well as in the UK, the USA, South Africa and the Middle East.

Great solutions come from innovative minds. This belief forms the basis of Clematis Technology Solutions whose principal mission is to provide SAP services, product development, web and mobile development, recruitment services, and more. Having established core competencies in SAP ERP platform, Clematis’ technical experts have extended their reach to the accession of integrated solutions and exemplary offshore delivery practices. Their domain experts literally handhold the clients every step of the way to ensure that the industry best practices have been followed.

The publication further cited Clematis’ five core values of integrity, high performance, accountability, constant growth and learning, and teamwork that underpin their work ethic. The employees are our partners in success and share their ideas and opinions freely with the top management. Its founder and director, Raghu Boddu, famously says, “As our staff is highly dedicated, we work together as a single entity—a practice that has helped us achieve our distinction in the industry.”

Technology is our business, which is fully synced with our values, and their combination leads to our world-class performance. Our experts constantly improve our technological prowess through participation in continuing education, job training, and professional development programs. Raghu says that, “to win the cyber business race, our team never hesitates to try out the latest trends in the industry, which gives our clients instant access to state-of-the-art technology and business expertise.”

Clear rules and regulations have been established across the organization to address employee grievances and ensure their happiness. The work environment fosters intradepartmental communication and cooperation. The top managers are always accessible to consult and are specially trained to manage a diverse staff with individual and varied needs, conducing to a sense of camaraderie. Multiculturalism at Clematis starts with its recruitment philosophy and process. They go the extra mile to identify, hire, train, and incentivize a diverse talent, so that the individual employee’s potential abilities are encouraged and nurtured to the point where they are totally skilled in their chosen tasks and can rise to the highest level they are capable of handling.

Clematis enjoys what it does and is proud of its contribution to the well-being of its work family. The company that welcomes any qualified employee with open arms to team up with the best minds and grow in life aims to be a 250+ organization by the end of 2015. While we are on a roll, it’s time to work harder for even greater recognition. We will not rest on our laurels.

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